OC Pharm CBD Isolate is 99% PURE CBD! It is All Natural, not Genetically Modified (non GMO) and Pesticide free. Fully decarboxilated meaning the CBD is “activated” and ready for use. This product does not contain THC. There are approximately 20 servings per gram! Studies show that CBD helps with inflammation, sleep, pain, anxiety, and an array of other ailments.



Combust – OC Pharm CBD Isolate can be added to any product that is being smoked or vaporized. Just sprinkle a small amount and fire away. Absorption through the mouth, throat, and lungs is a fast way to reach the blood stream.​​

Consume – OC Pharm CBD isolate can be orally consumed as well. Add it to a drink, baked good, or sprinkle it on anything edible. Absorption when consumed orally generally takes effect in 45 minutes.

Infuse – OC Pharm CBD allows you to make your own CBD infused products be it lotions, creams, tinctures, tablets, or whatever you can conceptualize.