What is “crude?”

Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “That which existing in a natural state and unaltered by cooking or processing.” In the Cannabis Concentrate business it is the oil-like substance that is removed from the plant and flower that contains cannabinoids including the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.


Crude is the life blood of the concentrate industry as every product begins in crude form.

Crude can be added to edibles to alter your state of mind and address various medical aliments. It can be added to moonrocks or flower much like a hash would be added. It can be combusted or smoked. Crude is also often further processed and distilled into an ultra pure form called Clear. Needless to say crude is an extremely valuable and useful way distribute cannabinoids.

How is Crude made?

THC and other cannabinoids are present on the marijuana plant. The are removed from the plant with the use of a solvent. The solvents are then “purged” or removed from the mixture leaving behind the concentrated plant matter. Historically the carcinogenic solvent Butane was used and although this was an effective means of removing the cannabinoids, it was also very dangerous to use and unhealthy to consume. Unfortunately the use of butane is still very prevalent today. Patients and consumers demanded a healthier alternative and companies began making CO2 extraction machines. There were problems with this technology as well because not only did it alter the taste of the product, it also was less aggressive as Butane and as a result would yield significantly lower and as a result the crude was more expensive and often contained large quantities of unwanted plant matter. As technology evolved, cutting edge concentrates companies began alcohol to remove cannabinoids. While difficult to use the end result was a cleaner, healthier, and cost effective medium to remove the desirable part of the cannabis plant and deliver it to companies and patients in a Crude form.

How is Crude made

Not all crude is created equal!

Recognizing the importance of a premium crude to a concentrate company, OC Pharm sourced the needed elements and only uses Crude that has been extracted with Kosher, Food Grade, alcohol. We then take an additional step of using a multi stage, proprietary, filtration, further cleaning the crude and reducing the presence of fats, lipids, and unwanted plant matter. The end result is a Crude that is truly a cut above. While OC Pharm crude can be found in all of its products including Clear, Vape, Syringes, Ranchers (we use premium Clear here as well), but we also sell Crude in bulk to many of the brands you see on the shelves at dispensaries now. Inquire as to our current market prices for OC Pharm Crude!