Where Art Meets Science

Our company was birthed in a laboratory that sought to deliver a vision of a cleaner, more pure, and potent medicine for discerning patients at a competitive price. 

Simply put, our mission is to be healthier, stronger, and less expensive than other brands out there.

The medical benefits of Cannabis are uncontroverted and the option to bring a natural healing alternative became our passion, securing the services of industry leaders and award winning chemists, OC Pharm undertook extensive research and development to create our product line.

Vape Pens

The process begins with Clear concentrate that tests at an average of 90% cannabinoids. It is then stabilized with a proprietary blend and a variant of flavors.

Vape Cartridge

Our easy to use cartridges can be used in our Premium Disposable Vape Pen and is available in multiple flavors and terpenes.

Our Prefilled Syringes

These easy to use, sterile syringes have a Luer Lock screw on tip to prevent leakage. Just remove the seal and inject into any cannabis and most E-Juice vaporizers.


Contains Clear Concentrate distillate that has been fractionally distilled for maximal potency and enhanced with naturally extracted plant terpenes and/or flavors.